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About Us

Apavisa | Rex | Gardenia Orchidea


Our company exists since the late 90's. From the beginning we have been importing and selling mainly Italian and Spanish ceramic tiles of the most renowned factories such as Apavisa, Dune, Rex, Marazzi, Iris FMG, Gardenia Orchidea or Laminam. We offer products of the highest quality - exclusive floor tiles, natural stones, decorative mosaics, quartz stoneware facade panels. The offer we present is at our online store on our site.

We are the leading distributor of Italian and Spanish tiles in Poland. The leading manufacturers of porcelain tiles we have in offer are Apavisa, Gardenia Orchidea, Rex, Marazzi, Iris, Laminam, Love, Kronos, Delconca and Grespania. Below we present one of factories which have in its offer unusual formats and structure and unique design.

    Apavisa - is a Spanish tile factory, which produces high quality industrial stoneware. The product combines innovative technology with a designer finish. APAVISA tiles are standardly rectified and frost resistant.




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